Understand the Essence of Breath in Your Life - Prana Yoga Workshop


Amanda Moreli (Italiy)

February: 8th – 18th



Indeed Goa is a perfect place for a Yoga vacation. The combination of wild nature, free consciousness and comfortable facilities, makes Goa one of the leading location for Yoga vacations in the world. Our designed vacation includes inspiring Yoga & Ayurvedic workshops, beautiful eco-Resort with healthy fresh & rejuvenating food, and a lot of spare time to make other activities & new friend.

The Plan

   Vacation Includes

Opening Evening
 As we are reaching our lovely resort, getting our rooms or cottages, at the first evening of the vacation, we'll meet for a welcome cocktail. a small introduction party with a D.J. and a chosen cocktail of the evening. just to get into the vacation atmosphere in ease, inhale the breeze and celebrating our reach to Goa. Before that, depending on the time of our arrival, will be the option to make relaxing welcome Yoga, just gentle flow to relax from the journey if you would like.

Yoga workshop
Each day will begin with the workshop of one of our Yoga masters. Every workshop has a different theme which the teachers will focus upon. 2 hours of  yoga practice and some meditation. A practice that will revive and rejuvenate your energy, and send you fresh for the rest of your day.
During the 10 days will be 4-afternoon sessions, which will change between Prana-Vinyasa flow, meditation, or an introduction to the Yoga philosophy, as the interest will be. That will be as well a time for Q&A – if anything comes up in your mind during the vacation time. We will be there for you in the best way we can. 

Ayurveda workshop
Every person will get a personal diagnose from our  Ayurvedic doctor, according to the Ayurvedic therapy system. an introduction to basics of the system, and some personal recommendations. As well 1-hour Ayurvedic massage, at the time you will choose.  One afternoon during the vacation will be given an Ayurvedic nutrition lecture, from our Ayurvedic doctor. The basics principles of the system, and a bit about healthy nutrition in general.

Free time & Evenings
Generally, in the middle of the days it is your vacation time, use it as you like – there is much to explore and to see in Goa, or if you prefer to hang out on the beach in your hammock and eat coconuts, which is very recommended activity as well :)  After dinner time will be many options to chose from. You can join us for some evening activities. There are many music concerts or jam sessions, and the famous international night market of Goa. There are bars and many others nightlife possibilities. We will love to recommend according to your wish, as we know Goa by heart & soul. 

Last Evening
We are going together to one of the best restaurants in Goa and coming back to a live music show... every dream need to dissipate sometime.

  • Opening night cocktail party. get together chill, and get to know each other.
  • Daily 2 hours Yoga with a yoga Master. Work on yourself, body and mind. 
  • 4 Afternoons yoga session. Different kinds of yoga activities, mediation, philosophy or other. depends upon people's request. Enrich yourself.
  • 1 Ayurvedic diagnosis. From a local Ayurvedic specialist doctor
  • 1 Ayurvedic massage. According to your preference.
  • 1 Ayurvedic nutrition lecture. Enrich your self with valuable knowledge. 
  • Accommodation: 10 nights in the Anahata eco-beachresort
  •  Breakfast & Food. Pre Yoga herbal tea, coffee and chai. Post Yoga buffet breakfast including fresh juices, coconut water fresh fruit, salad, porridge or muesli, eggs of your choice, Parathas(the Indian breakfast option changes daily) There are also many Gluten and dairy free options available. 
  • 8 Dinners. delicious healthy and organic food, serving divers Goan food. home-grown vegetables, fresh organic fruits, leaves and sprouts and more.
  • An evening of live music in our Resort.
  • Transfers. Between Anahata and Dabolism Airport. We will pick  you up from the Airport.



Yoga & Ayurvedic Workshop


Amanda Moreli is a Yoga Master of PranaYoga from Italy and lives in Berlin Germany. Amanda studies, practices and teaches the whole spectrum of the sacred path of yoga and believes in a holistic and creative approach to it. She is responsible for the Teachers Training Course of the Free School of Hatha Yoga Hamsa in Berlin. She is recognised by CONI (Italian Olympic Committee) as a certifed trainer of teachers.

No worry either if you are an advanced practitioner in yoga or a total beginner, the practice designed for both. Our teachers are very experienced and will give you a close personal attention. Will be other assistance to help you to get deeper and align in the Asanas(postures).

The Ayurvedic workshop will be integrated with our days as well. You will choose one day of going to the doctor for an interesting diagnosis, then some time for a massage. One day will be picked to hear together the Ayurvedic nutrition lecture.


Additional options 

  • Different guided tours in Goa. There are many Temples to see, historian trips, or nature reserves to visit. you can visit the elephants or spice farms. Hiking & cycling activities is also possible, in the beautiful setting of Goa.

  • Individual Yoga or Ayurvedic therapy. with the teacher you are with at the workshop, or the Ayurvedic doctor.

  • A taste of Yoga philosophy. Introduction to the Yoga philosophy thinking with Baba Johns. (to widen the lecture to a short workshop)

  • Boat trips on the Chapora river, or to spot dolphin at the sea.

  • Spa treatments. in the resort itself there is very exclusive spa with many kind of treatments, and massages. Very recommended.

  • Cooking classes. a great way to update your cooking knowledge.

  • Sap surf workshops. Learn to surf differently.

  • Music workshops. different instruments, different teachers.

Sample day 


09:00 some Yogi herbal tea, chai or coffee with some fruit.
09:30-11:30 Yoga practice. A practice that will be held according to the teacher of the workshops. Every workshop with it's theme. Open the day with gaining energy, and get into your day in a relaxing way with a smile.
11:30-13:30 Brunch. Buffet breakfast including fresh juices, coconut water fresh fruit, salad, porridge or muesli, eggs of your choice, Parathas(the Indian breakfast option changes daily). There are also many Gluten and dairy free options available.
16:00 – Your personal Ayurvedic diagnosis, or a massage. Is also possible to make beach games, volley-ball or other ones.
17:0018:30 Afternoon Yoga session. Yoga flow ,introduction to Gyanna Yoga(Yoga Philosophy) or meditation with the sunset...
19:30 – Dinner in Anahata's delicious food, or going out to other restaurant in Goa. In Anahata is Indian recipes and integrates, taking them with an original accent into a healthy diet, specially designed for yogis. Their meals are gourmet healthy style, based on locally grown produce, and freshly caught fish and seafood. All meals include gluten-free and vegan options. After the dinner up to the town for some evening activity. We pick a Jam session, live music, electro party, art event, or just a chill-out place... in one of Goa's famous nightlife & culture events. 





Location & Accommodation  

On a quiet and secluded part of Ashvem beach, Goa, nestled amidst coconut palm trees and lush plantations lies Anahata Retreat. Our goal is to transport you to a softer, gentler world at our quietly elegant property that is a private oasis for our guests. It's a place which lets you truly experience the sheer innocence and beauty of being in nature—within an idyllic palm grove on a virgin beach in North Goa. You’ll feel totally at ease in your ‘home away from home’, with every bedroom having the necessary modern comforts for you to enjoy your stay – from fresh cotton linen, comfortable mattresses and our own custom blended toiletries.


Accommodation & Rates

The price is per person in shared cottage or a room, on a basis of first book first chose. if you are two people, please mention the name of the other person you are coming with. Generally we will accommodate you with a suitable participant of the same gender. If you would like to be paired up in a room, or any preference you might have, please let us know. single occupancy is also possible with an extra price.

Vacation Excludes

Flights. Travel insurance. Visas.  Any trips or excursions arranged by you whilst on the retreat. Any other meals or drinks.