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Founder, Dharma Bums Travel

Dharma Bums Travel is a long time vision of mine that formate itself after 21 years of traveling and partially living in India. As my life story entwined with the story of India, I watched the path of development happens, and developed with it myself. Like modern India, I am delighted to introduce myself to the world, as well to introduce my perspective and interpretation to the ancient Indian mythology and philosophy I've been studied.

Doron Noyman

I am a seeker who is looking for the seer, a traveller and a gambler, a nomad and a no man. I write and play with words and enjoy when they play with me. As a storyteller, i like to listen to stories as well, mainly for those which inspire me.
My main subject of research is ancient India, the India that was there thousand years ago and now existing in my mind. I am fascinated more than all by the Yoga tradition on its many branches. That is what brought me to live and to travel India for the last 21 years, and often to visit the rest of Asia. It brought me as well to study Asia studies, and focus on the philosophy of Yoga as a master degree at university. Later on to study and practice the art of Yoga and Meditation as well.
I started to teach Hatha Yoga in Rishikesh India(2009) under the guidance of Yogi Sandeep, and with the inspiration of the Ganga Ma. The Yoga I teach is a Self Yoga, which I studied over the years from many different teachers along the way of my wanderings. Some at the mountains and some at the yoga studios, some in silence and some of the courses. My main influence is by the teachings of the great sage - Ramana Maharshi (Tiruvannamalai). To all those who lit the spark of Yoga in my heart, I owe much and cherish deeply.




Pranayoga means Yoga of Vital Energy. It does not indicate a new style of Yoga but a practice of teaching, which has grown and developed in respect of the classic tradition of Hatha Yoga and aims to improve the flux and puritication of Prana, both in the physical body and in the subtle structures which constitutes the mind. You will explore the important principles of groundedness and stability, alignment, polarity and minimum effort in a practice supported by basic notions of anatomy of movement, and take the first steps along the path of pranayama, the yogic art of breathing, focusing on uncovering your essential breath and integrating breath and movement; through simple meditation techniques, deep relaxation and visualizations, you will learn the vital elements of mental attitude, concentration and awareness. Click HERE for more information about the Pranayoga Method:

Amanda Morelli

Amanda is a Yoga Master of PranaYoga from Italy and lives in Berlin Germany. Amanda has been practicing yoga since childhood, growing up as she did with two yoga teachers for parents. As a teacher she has being trained by her father, founder of the Pranayoga Method. Amanda studies, practices and teaches the whole spectrum of the sacred path of yoga and believes in a holistic and creative approach to it. She is responsible for the Teachers Training Course of the Free School of Hatha Yoga Hamsa in Berlin. She is recognised by CONI (Italian Olympic Committee) as a certifed trainer of teachers.

In her yoga classes the practice is precise and deep, creative and informed by symbolism, subtle hints of physiology and an attuned awareness of anatomy. Great space is given to warm up, proper alignment, and the integration of breath and movement. By taking the time to sense the simplicity and beauty of each gesture, we honor our ability to sense, move and breath, recovering the unity, which is the natural state of the Self, expression of the cosmic awareness which dwells in all.



Amanda's Pranayoga Introduction will take place on the 8th - 18th of February 2018



Prana Vidya

Prana is the main life energy which responsible for the functioning of all the other energies in our body and mind. Vidya is knowledge. Prana-Vidya practice based on the knowledge of the energetic fields combined with physical and physiological knowledge. It is a practice that combines the Physical and the mental energies, and strives to bring the both to its perfection. in order to bring one to fulfill his full potential. It is breaking many initial assumptions with compassion and love. all the way to make a change in the physical body and the emotional body as well. The practice consist a quiet sitting, pranayamas, asanas and flow. All gathered from most of today's Yoga methods and traditions. All into a practice that aspire to generate healthy body and mind.

Ram Aruveni

Ram Areuveni is a Master of Prana Vidya Yoga from Hokuk Israel. He established Prana Yoga studios in Tel-Aviv, teaches and studies the body and the mind for the last 24 years. At the moment he manage with his wife the Liba Center for Yoga Dance and movement at Hokuk. He has his own Yoga teachers training course, and has trained and certified many Yoga teachers in Israel. Ream began his Yoga path(Sadhana) 24 years ago, and teaches the art of Yoga for the last 20 years. His main focus at the moment is teaching teachers, and he makes workshop in many various places. He studied and pursued many Yoga practices and traditions, such as Ashtanga vinyasa, Iyengar Yoga, Vinnie Yoga, Shadow Yoga, and more. He incorporates his vast knowledge into one unique practice. A knowledge that he gathered from his many experiences in Yoga around the world. In most of the streams and methods which known today. The practice aspires to align a healthy body and mind. And inspired by the alignment of Iyengar Yoga throw the flow and heat of Ashtanga vinyasa Yoga, as with the softness of Shivananda and Vinnie Yoga. All combined to a newer approach of Vinyasa & Shadow Yoga flow. His teachings ties the fabric of the physical and energetic body. Ram Believes that all Yoga takes to the same place of Observation & Awareness, and his Yoga bring you exactly there. Ram lives in the North hills of Israel and besides Yoga he is a musician, and gives therapeutic massages (bio energy and shiatsu). He is married and a father for 3 children.



The workshop with Ram will take place in 7th - 17th of April 2018 it is an introduction to PranaVidya - The Flow of Life: understanding the flow of life throw the practice of yoga.