Our Story

Dharma Bums Travel is a unique boutique company, which organizes a variety of trips, vacations, and spiritual journeys, all throughout the amazing sub-continent of the great India – our love.We are a designated tourism company that works with the best experts in their fields. Each of our adventures are handcrafted and sewn by our small team of experts. designed to introduce the many sides of India and India's tradition in the most enriching and authentic way, while incorporating an enjoyable learning experience. 

We unite under one roof a great variety of possibilities, to explore and experience India. Through different trips and unique experiences. we will make your India travel a unique experience. Our goal is to make the introduction experience as a learning experience, which means, to bring additional value to your travelling. Our goal is to bring India and the traditions of India closer to people by making authentic experiences, and by exposing the immense wisdom in these traditions. allow anyone the opportunity to find his own India. as well as to make this ancient culture more accessible to people around the world.

Indeed India has many traditions and we are not pretending to know them all. our heart and soul are closer to the Yoga tradition. furthermore Yoga itself is a big tree with many branches and we are happy to present its many diversities and faces. also our activities will be different and diverse.Spiritual development is a life development, and  like any development is an evolving process of active action and quiet observing, that allows the experience of change to happen by itself.


Or in the words of Jack Kerouak, the novel writer of The Dharma Bums says, ''Finding Nirvana is like locating silence''. 

Who We are

Here in the Dharma Bums Travel our passion became our profession. We are different people from different places. We are all qualified in different fields on the Indian study spectrum, combining holistic approaches with the scientific approaches, as we feel it is somewhere in the middle, enabling always the change to happen. We all studied and practice different arts and methods which are related to the Indian tradition and culture, and we are very interested to pass it on. As we got deeper in our studies and in our own Sadhana(personal path) we see the teaching as an important mission in our lives. we are very grateful to be able to do what we do, and more then happy to share our knowledge with an open heart with anyone who is interested.


Our Vision - Unison

Our vision is to combine great Adventures with Consciousness development, vacations with cultural experiences. As we see the world as One nation, and we will do everything in our hands to unite it a bit more. We are international company, hosting people from all over the world. Our mission is to connect and bond, hearts, health, and cultures. We invite people to unite and spend time together in the wonderful setting of India. We Enabling people to experience authentic experiences in order to learn something about them selves, and maybe in the process to find their own personal India. As we are welcoming people from all over the world for our activities, we will speak English as a way to communicate and connect to each other, though we are open to learn and experience any culture and language that is coming to our door steps.

The Goan Fusion

That is the reason we start with one of the best example in the world today for the unity of the people and cultures. As the Goan fusion is already known in the world, likewise we are committed to tolerance and understanding each other a bit more. We are committed to create a collective Consciousness of peace and healthiness. Continuing the Goan culture as it is today.

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We are the Dharma Bums Travellers, wherever you are - See yourself invited !